Istanbul Airport Meet And Greet

Istanbul Airport Arrival Meet And Greet

Istanbul Airport Meet and Greet – You will be met by our welcome assistant. Welcome assistant will personally welcome you at the gate as you disembark the aircraft with a personal name board.This could be at the aircraft bridge or enterance of the arrivals hall (If the aircraft is open parking position).Istanbul Airport Fast Track lane for Immigration – We will escort you through priority lanes to avoid the queues.Istanbul Airport Porter Services – Your luggage will be collected from the baggage claim area and taken to your vehicle.Assistance is provided with the collection of baggage before we escort you to your ground transportation getting you quickly on your way.Onward transport – We will liaise with your driver with destination details etc.

Antalya Airport Departure Meet And Greet

Istanbul Airport Meet and Greet – Our Welcome assistant will will personally contact you or your driver to introduce themselves prior to your arrival and finalise the meeting arrangements.When you arrive ,Istanbul AirportPorter services – Your luggage will be collected from your vehicle and taken to the check-in counter by our porters.Istanbul Airport Fast Track Lane for Immigration and Security – You will be escorted through security and immigration using priority lanes by The Welcome assistant.The Welcome assistant will assist you through check-in without queuing, accompany you to the Istanbul Airport Lounge and will monitor the flight boards for the current flight status. Leaving you to relax, we will return to escort you to the gate in time for departure.They will then escort you to the aircraft.

Meet and Greet Services In Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport Meet and Greet Service provide you private assistance during your airport journey.Istanbul Airport will be crowned at the summer season. Maybe you are worried about turkish or english speaking and understanding , maybe you are traveling alone, you have mobility problems, are you traveling with children? Or a VIP transfer to make your thinking quick and easy. We will be here for a quick pass through the airport at Istanbul Airport. We understand how airports run; our assistants can help you navigate through check-in, security, and immigration fastly. Our porters will handle your baggages , Assistant wil help you for lost luggages if it is necessary.We know that you would prefer not to wait in long lines, you prefer to arrive at the right gate at the right time, and that when you arrive,you want to get to the exit without getting lost and dont want to waste your time at the airport. If you need any assistance we will be here for you.Just contact with us.

Airport VIP Greeting

Istanbul Airport (IST)

Istanbul Airport Meet and Greet Service

Istanbul Airport Premium Meet and Greet Service here at AIRPORT VIP GREETING offers clients a personal greeter. Istanbul Airport Meet and Greet service will ensure that you will be treated like a VIP throughout your journey until you reach your VIP chauffeur or your boarding gate. View our VIP Service

VIP Greeting offers tailor-made airport solutions such as Istanbul airport meet and greet services, fast track,VIP Istanbul airport assistance, Istanbul VIP concierge services, airport special assistance, airport assistance services and many other services.

VIP Greeting ! First Class service at the start and end of every travel


Please note that all PREMIUM MEET AND GREET SERVICE is serving at the main passenger terminal

Istanbul Airport Departure Meet And Greet Service

Istanbul Airport Arrival Meet And Greet Service

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Please note that all VIP Meet & Greet Service is serving at the GA CIP terminal.(It is known as CIP Terminal)

Istanbul Airport VIP Departure

Istanbul Airport VIP Arrival

What Will Your Airport Greeter Do? and Not Do At Istanbul Airport?

So, your flight is booked and your Airport Meet & Greet Service has been confirmed. You may be wondering what your airport greeter will do, and what may be beyond their remit. Here’s a quick guide to the most common questions.

Can my Greeter help with local language issues?

Our Istanbul Airport greeters speak enough English to complete the task and usually are multi-lingual. They will be on hand throughout check-in, security, immigration and customs to assist with any language difficulties, if required.

Will my Greeter coordinate my driver and car service at Istanbul Airport?

Part of our Istanbul Airport Meet and Greet Service is to arrange seamless airport services from the moment you arrive. If you are arriving or departing by car, we can sometimes also book the car service for you. This is good as it enables your greeter to communicate with the driver. They will be in place to escort you into the airport, or deliver you right to your waiting car without delay at Istanbul Airport.

Can I bypass security with a Greeter?

International airport security requires that every traveller must go through standard security procedures. You cannot bypass security (or customs for that matter).  Your greeter is able to use priority channels at Istanbul Airport to minimise delay and lining up. Full security and customs checks are still required though. Terms

Can my Greeter assist me onto and off the airplane?

It depends. Our Meet and Greet Services begin and end at the airbridge or the gate lounge.  This is because the security clearance needed to enter the airbridge. This is considered part of the airplane/tarmac. So it is different to that needed to provide airside in-terminal service. Our greeters have security clearance within the airport, but they are usually not authorised to enter the boarding lounge.

What does my Greeter do at immigration and customs control?

Your greeter can fast track their client through whatever lines or channels are available to them to use within the airport. This may include lanes normally reserved for airline crew, visiting diplomats or locals. Each airport has its own specific regulations. Our flexible services take advantage of every possible avenue to get you through immigration and customs in the fastest possible time at Istanbul Airport.

Will my Greeter carry my luggage?

Our Istanbul Airport Meet and Greet Assistants are there to smooth the way through the airport, and they are not baggage assistants or porters. However, We have porter service for baggage handling which is included to all our service and free of charge. Your Istanbul Airport Assistant will be organise the porter you need for your bags.

Can my Greeter get me into a VIP Lounge?

If you are a frequent flier, or are flying Business or First Class, you may have automatic use of a VIP airport lounge. Your greeter will accompany you to your lounge (they cannot enter with you). our Meet and Greet Service does  include use of or acces to a Airport Lounge Service. Namely You will use the Lounge free of charge until 24 hours.

Will my Greeter accompany me to my hotel?

Our Istanbul Airport Meet and Greet Services apply throughout your time in the airport. Your greeter will accompany you safely to your private car or ongoing transportation. Their services end at the kerbside and they will not travel to your hotel with you (unless it is an airport hotel at the airport). 

Gate to Curb Assistance Servıce

Assistant will be greeting you at exit of gateway and hold your name placard. Greeter take you from this point with a buggy and take you to the fast track passport control line.

Thereafter providing Istanbul Airport Fast Passport and customs control proceceses,The porter and greeter will take your luggage from the carousel and accompany you through your vehicle waiting in front of the terminal.

Curb to Gate Assistance Service

Welcome assistant, who has been in contact with your driver before, greets you in front of the terminal and another of greeter takes your luggage from the vehicle. Thereafter providing your priority entrance to the terminal building with fast track lane, we offer you priority check-in service if you are traveling with a contracted airline company.

Thereafter the fast passport pass, we will entertain you in the biggest lounge of Istanbul airport.Then accompany you to the flight gate with a buggy car.

Gate to Gate Assistance service

Thereafter your aircraft lands, Welcome asisstant will be waiting for you at exit of airplain bridge and hold your name placard. Then the greeter will transfer you to the transit control point with a buggy car and provide fast track terminal change.

Thereafter the fast passport pass, we will entertain you in the biggest lounge of Istanbul airport.Then accompany you to the flight gate with a buggy car.

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