Antalya Airport Departure Service

Antalya Airport Departure Service

Antalya Airport Departure Service is an exclusive package offering privileges such as meeting you from the curbside by our assistants carrying name boards and touching contact with passenger or their driver, porter baggage service from your vehicle to checkin desk, assistance during check-in passport and visa transactions, private lounge usage, assistance to the boarding gate at the boarding time.

Departure Services In Antalya Airport

Antalya Airport (AYT)

Antalya Airport Departure Service provide you private assistance during your Antalya Airport Departures.Antalya Airport will be crowned at the summer seasons. Maybe you are worried about language problem , maybe you are traveling alone with young children or need wheelchair, are you traveling with big group? Or a VIP transfer to make your thinking quick and easy. We will be here for a fast pass through the airport at Antalya Airport Departure. We know that you would prefer not to wait in long queues, you prefer to arrive at the right gate at the right time, and that when you arrive,you want to get to the exit without getting lost and don't want to waste your time at Antalya airport. If you need any assistance we will be here for you.Just make reservation with us.

VIP Greeting ! First Class service at the start and end of every travel


Welcome Assistance For Antalya Airport Departures

Our Welcome assistant will contact with you and meet you or your guest at curside at Antalya Airport.​​, Your assistant will assist you for all airport formalites (check-in passport and custom checks, tax refund etc...) and escort you until the Lounge.and welcome assistant will escort you from the lounge door to boarding gate.

Security Clearance and Visa Procedures For Antalya Airport Departures

Welcome assistant will also help you during other post flight processes at your Antalya airport departures (visa, transactions, customs and security clearance etc.)​​​​

Porter Service For Antalya Airport Departures

Porters will collect your luggage from your vehicle and escort you until the check-in counter at your Antalya airport departures

Fast Track Passport For Antalya Airport Departures

To avoid queuing for passport control and custom clearance, our assistant will accompany you through the fast tracks at your Antalya airport departures. All our services are included Antalya Airport fast track usage.

Lounge For Antalya Airport Departures

You may use free of charge Luxury Lounge with our Antalya Airport departure Services. Lounge Includes: Free Wi-Fi ,Unifree Store ,Open Buffet (Food & Beverages)Place of Worship (Women/Men/Multi Worship Area )Kids Playground,Soft & Alcoholic BeveragesTerrace7/24 Service,Flight Information Display System.

Farewell For Antalya Airport Departures

After completing all your transactions at the terminal, our assistants will escort you until your departure boarding gate at Antalya Airport.

Airport to Hotel Transfer

If you would like to hire an airport VIP transfer with chauffeur. We may offer you VIP Airport Transfer service from hotel to airport additional to your Antalya Airport Meet and Greet service.

VIP Greeting ! First Class service at the start and end of every travel


VIP Service for Antalya Airport Departures

Antalya Airport VIP Service is the luxury version of the meet and assist package and promises provide you a red carpet treatment.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Thanks to the "VIP" service, you will now be met from VIP Terminal's curside and escorted to the VIP Lounge where you can relax and enjoy the complementary snacks and beverages while your baggage and passport transactions are handled by personal assistants,At the boarding time, you will use VIP Apron vehicle and Farewell at the door of aircraft.Please note that all VIP Meet & Greet Service is serving at the GA CIP terminal.(It is known as CIP Terminal)

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Departure Meet and Greet Services in Antalya Airport

  • For your departure, a committed non-public assistant will meet you on the curbside of Antalya Airport
  • Fast track via check-in, immigration and security control
  • Assistance with the luggage
  • Antalya Airport business lounge access/ VIP lounges at Antalya Airport
  • Dedicated porters at Antalya Airport
  • Antalya Airport transportation/ Chauffeured and Limousine Transportation from / to Antalya Airport (Additional service)
  • Buggy transportation
  • Personal security at Antalya Airport
  • Airport help for non-English speakers at Antalya Airport
  • Wheelchair help
  • Meet and Greet provider varies from one airport to another and from one provider company to every other, so that you want to check what every package deal consists of and pick out what’s nice for you.

VIP Terminal Departure Services at Antalya Airport

Make your journey extra special when departing from Antalya Airport with VIP terminal or Private Lounge service. Travel in luxury and style with a personal assistant taking care of all your airport formalities in a VIP terminal away from the hustle-bustle of the main airport building. With absolute privacy and comfort, VIP terminal at Antalya Airport includes:

  • Personalized welcome at Antalya Airport
  • Personal assistant to take care of check-in and immigration
  • Private security check at Antalya Airport CIP Terminal
  • A la carte menu of Private VIP Lounge
  • Limousine transfer from the VIP Terminal to the aircraft

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer different services for individual needs. We believe in making your airport experience stress-free,safer and seamless. Includes are Personal Assistant,porter, fast track lanes, lounge for departure service,if prefer VIP transfer service from/to airport and hotel Click here for Booking

There are various services available at Antalya airport and these include –

  1. Airport meet & greet services
  2. Fast track VIP airport assistance
  3. VIP concierge services
  4. Airport special assistance
  5. Airport assistance for disabled
  6. Airport assistance for first-time flyers
  7. Assisting passengers with disabilities
  8. Flight assistance for elderly passengers
  9. Luggage assistance at the airport
  10. Airport medical services
  11. Airport chauffeur service
  12. Arrival & departure services and more airport-related assistance


booking VIP GREETING’s Special airport assistance services at Antalya airport will ensure passing through the airport in the most fastest and easiest way.

Also, If you need extra special assistance during security or custom searches at Antalya airport, our special airport assistance desks can provide identification (lanyards, badges, etc.) to people with hidden disabilities.

Book our Special airport assistance services at Antalya airport.


Meet and assist services offer the most luxurious and hassle-free airport arrival, departure, Or flight connections (transit) at Antalya Airport. This means that welcome assistant will be there to meet you when you arrive at Antalya airport.

Here is where, your Meet & assist services at Antalya airport will take care of getting you through customs quickly by monitoring and keeping track of your name, flight numbers, and arrival gate numbers, and will also sort your baggage claim, and take you on to your accommodation.



If you arrive by car, at the kerbside drop off area. Assistant’ll contact you to confirm arrangements in advance. Click and Make Booking

Welcome assistant will personally welcome you at the gate as you disembark the aircraft with a personal name board.This could be at the aircraft bridge or enterance of the arrivals hall (If the aircraft is open parking position).Click and Make Booking

You can book for anyone else by simply entering the passenger’s details in the booking form. Please provide us contact details for person who is traveling. Click and Make Booking


Any individual or group traveling for Business, tour, visits or any purposes and are unfamiliar or challenging locations, looking for fast track visa assistance, meet and greet services etc…

Whether you are travelling alone, with family or on a business trip AIRPORT VIP GREETING can offer Airport Assistance serice in Antalya Airport.


We will send you an email with complete details as soon as your Antalya Airport Meet and  Assist booking is confirmed. Please check all the details in our confirmation email and any discrepancies, revert immediately.Click and Make Booking

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